Sunday, February 7, 2010

Exercise May Save African American Women From Diabetes

It has been observed that there is a possibility of reduction in the risk of obtaining type two diabetes in African American women if they take fast walks repeatedly in a week. It was reported in an almost unprecedented study by Reuters Health published this month in the American Journal of Epidemiology.

For this specific study dealing with the less dealt with topic of prevention from diabetes in black female population, Julie Palmer of Boston University and her colleagues utilized data involving 45,000 black women, collected from 1995 to 2005 for the ongoing Black Women’s Health Study.

When researchers compared the data, it was disclosed that that those black women who were in the habit of walking for exercise for a minimum of five hours per week, were one-third less probable to develop type 2 strain of diabetes than the ones whose routine was void of walking for exercise.

was significantly lower among women who said they regularly took a brisk walk even when taking into account other possible factors contributing to gaining wait such as old age, high income and excessive diet. The study included a large number of rich, old or already obese black women and almost all appeared to have a lower risk for developing diabetes if they were regular walkers.The researchers took many other obesity factors into account. The risk of being diagnosed with the disease

The Reuters researchers particularly studied excessive television watchers and concluded that ladies habitual of watching television for five or more hours daily were 86% more likely to develop diabetes as compared to the less than one hour watchers.

Palmer declared the findings of the report very crucial because they show a ray of hope for black diabetic women by suggesting a way to reduce the disease risk even among the women who are otherwise at highest risk of the disease because of age, fatness or affluence.


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Interesting, what about White women with diabetes,can u give me a compairson? What's your opinion on High blood pressure and exercise?

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